Maintaining Your Truck

You can get truck beds of many different lengths, but basically there are two main types in truck beds-- the standard bed and the step side bed. Truck beds are also referred to as cargo boxes and truck boxes. The truck beds are more commonly used as carriers of cargo, although they may put to other uses, too. Many also use truck bed covers for extra protection. The beds of these truck boxes are as flat as those of Platform Trucks or Trolleys.

Standard Bed

Standard bed, as we have mentioned, is the more popular of the two basic truck bed designs. This style is also known as a style side bed or a fleet side bed. The fender wells of these cargo boxes are attached on the inside of the bed and not on the outside. Many different vehicle manufacturers offer truck beds of different shapes, sizes and makes. The most popular truck box manufacturer is Ford. Ford calls its standard beds style side beds. Standard beds are also available from other manufacturers such as Chevy and GMC. However, the standard cargo boxes from both Chevy and GMC are called fleet side boxes or fleet side beds.

Step Side Bed

This style of beds is also called sport side or flare side bed. Unlike the standard beds, the fenders here are attached on the outside of the truck box. Although this style is less popular now, this is how the first pickup boxes were used to be made. The bed is called a sport bed or a sport model because of its stylish look. Again, the Ford beds of this style have a different name than the Chevy and GMC ones. The latter calls their beds step side, whereas Ford beds are called flare side.

Truck Bed Care

Truck beds are generally put to heavy use. So, it is expected that after a certain time, they will show some signs of wear and contract some damage. You can of course take your truck to a body shop for the repair work, but the repair is going to cost you a pretty penny there. Therefore, it is best to do the repair yourself if you can by using a petrol grinder. Now, as for truck bed damage, the most common culprit is the rust and there are mainly two ways to deal with the rust issue. First, if you see that the floor is already badly damaged by the rust, the best thing to do is to simply replace the floor. For most popular models, the floor sections can be bought separately. So, all you will need to do is to buy a new floor, cut out the old one and graft in the fresh one. However, if your floor is not too badly damaged, you can use a chemical rust converter coating over the floor. This pain will convert the rust to a different element. So once the reaction takes place, you end up with a primer coat. Then all you need to do is to paint a finish coat over this and you are done.

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