About Us

There are few worse feelings than being stuck on the open road, with your car not working, unable to get to where you need to go. We can completely understand the frustration and anxiety that you would be experiencing during such a situation. We have been there ourselves. It is why we have such rigorous standards for our towing services. It is our duty to ensure that when a customer calls and requests a tow, we put our best foot forward.

When you need a tow, call us and we will send a truck to your location within minutes. Our average time of responding to requests within the city is 20 to 25 minutes. If you are a little further out, or it is a busy time, it may take an extra five or ten minutes. But we will give you a precise time frame when you call and request a tow, so you are not waiting around for too long.

Aside from a determination to offer a rapid response to towing requests, we also take great pride in our customer service. When our employee arrives in a tow truck, they will greet you with a smile and polite words. They will ask you about the situation with your vehicle. The place where your car is towed depends entirely on your request. Our driver can get your car to your house, a dealership, car shop or any other location you request. We will also give you a ride to the location where you need to be.

Our prices are fair, we offer discounts to our members and we are always expanding our service. It is a privilege to offer towing services to the great residents of Indiana. While we hope that you never need to use our services, we are ready when and if you experience any issues with your vehicle.